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Capturing Your Love Story in Cinematic Brilliance
Utah’s breathtaking vistas and your heartfelt journey of love — woven together into an awe-inspiring tale. Capture the magic of your wedding day with one of the top wedding videographers in Utah.
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Your Timeless Utah Wedding Story Awaits

Tell the story of your wedding day and preserve the memories forever with a professional Utah wedding videographer. I specialize in capturing the special moments of your big day and turning them into a cinematic masterpiece that you can watch for years to come.
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Memorable Beginnings — Perfectly and Honestly Filmed

The flutter in your heart, the warmth of love, the promise of forever — let me be the storyteller of your most significant day. Whether you are holding an intimate celebration, a luxurious destination wedding, or a romantic elopement amidst Utah’s breathtaking landscapes, I will be by your side to capture every moment.
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Capturing Real Love Stories in Stunning Videos

My wedding videographer Utah packages aren’t just about filming your event, they are about encapsulating your every genuine emotion — every laugh and every tear — in an exquisite cinematic experience. With a seamless process, I rid you of the stress and only ask you to focus on what truly matters: each other.
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Relive the Best Moments of Your Wedding Day in Full Detail

Each frame of your wedding video is delicately and masterfully crafted to reflect the honest narrative of your love story. Tanner Castro Films captures every detail in striking clarity. I ensure that the vibrant joy of your special day is echoed in the rich colors that permeate your timeless wedding film, making every moment as beautiful and profound as the occasion itself.
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A Personalized Tale That Is Uniquely Yours

As an experienced and passionate videographer, every wedding film I create is a masterpiece of your love. I understand that on wedding days every couple has a different story to tell, and I’m dedicated to telling it in a way that is authentic, compelling, and unforgettable. I see the beauty of your love and make it my mission to capture it in a video that’s as unique as your union.

Wedding Video Packages To Fit Every Need

I offer tailored wedding videography packages to ensure that your budget and vision align perfectly, guaranteeing a personal journey from consultation to delivery.
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Micro Weddings

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Intimate celebrations deserve intimate storytelling.

Do you and your significant other want to focus on the significance of your commitment without the stress and pressure of a large event? Then my micro wedding videography package is perfect for you.

Tailored to capture every moment and the heartfelt speeches in a cinematic experience, the Micro Wedding Package is designed to capture the essence of your small gathering with the same cinematic brilliance and flair as any grand affair.


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For the adventurous souls seeking a more intimate union.

My Elopement Package is tailored to document your love story with the breathtaking landscapes of Utah serving as a witness.

Whether you want to exchange vows in a secluded desert, on top of a mountain, or by a lakeside, my dedicated team will be there to ensure every moment is filmed with the same attention to detail and emotion as any traditional wedding.

Should you choose to exchange your vows privately without an audience, I will be there to capture the intimacy and sincerity of your vows. I’ll ensure that your elopement is immortalized in cinematic film, allowing you to share your special day with loved ones when you are ready.

Destination Weddings


Whether you’re exchanging vows on a sandy beach or in the heart of the mountains…

My Destination Wedding Package ensures your love story is beautifully captured, no matter where your heart takes you.

My experience in capturing wedding films includes a variety of stunning Utah wedding destinations, and while I’m Utah-based, my passion for storytelling knows no bounds.

I’m equally excited to capture destination weddings both within the majestic landscapes of Utah and in exotic locales abroad, ensuring every chapter of your love story is cinematically preserved.

Luxury Weddings

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Indulge in opulence on your special day with my Luxury Wedding package.

The epitome of opulence and sophistication, this package is a perfect match for those dreaming of a fairy-tale celebration. I cater to your every desire, ensuring that your most cherished moments are captured with grace and splendor.

Rest assured, every detail of your grand day will be filmed with a compassionate touch, weaving your unique love story into a masterpiece of memories to hold close forever.

Your Wedding Day in the Gorgeous Backdrop of Utah!

From the enchanting red rock formations of Zion National Park to the French-inspired elegance of La Caille and the alpine grandeur of Deer Valley Resort, I know how to bring out the best of Utah’s breathtaking landscapes in your wedding film.

Whether you’re planning a wedding, an elopement, or a luxury event, my team is ready to film your special day wherever you choose to hold them. Check out some of the most beautiful and timeless Utah wedding destinations I can work with to capture your love story in all its magical glory.

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Zion National Park: Nature’s Cathedral

Located just a short drive from the bustling city of Las Vegas, Zion National Park is an ideal wedding destination for those seeking an otherworldly backdrop for their special day. With towering sandstone cliffs, cascading waterfalls, winding canyons, and stunning vistas at every turn, the park offers a majestic setting for a love story that stands the test of time.
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Moab: A Desert Oasis

Exchange vows against the stunning backdrop of red rock formations and vast desert landscapes of Moab. The desert provides a breathtaking backdrop for couples who love the outdoors and want to exchange vows in a rugged yet romantic setting.

Still unsure of where to tie the knot? 

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Take the First Step to Forever

My commitment to filming weddings extends beyond mere professionalism — my goal is to create a timeless masterpiece that will transport you back to the emotions and memories of your special day for years to come.

Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if my artistry resonates with the vision you have for your wedding.

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